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Able Masonry Development is an equal opportunity employer.

Safety & Health Policy

Able Masonry Development Company is committed to providing a safe, healthy and accident free workplace for all its employees, contractors and visitors by complying with relevant occupational safety and health legislation.

Able Masonry Development Company Shall:

    •    Identify hazards, assess risks and implement controls.
    •    Provide information, instruction, training and supervision .
    •   Locate hazards personnel and clients are likely to encounter.
    •    Deal with safety and health matters immediately.
    •    Set measurable safety and health objectives and targets.

Each employee is personally responsible and accountable for their safety and health performance and this shall be reviewed regularly.

Able Masonry Development Company shall provide the time and resources necessary to implement this policy and shall develop, implement and review its objectives, targets, plans and procedures to continually improve workplace safety and health.

To achieve a high standard of safety and health involves shared responsibilities and teamwork. Consequently, Able Masonry Development Company is committed to a consultative approach in which all employees at all levels of the organization are responsible for their own and other people’s safety and health in the workplace.




OSHA Safety Training Links | Tool Box Talks

The U.S. Department of Labor
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 1998 (Revised) for Concrete and Masonry
Construction. Download the OSHA 3106 PDF here.

 The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s standard for concrete and masonry construction can be viewed at by clicking here.

This site contains Online Safety & OSHA Training along with other important links and information. Check out Tool Box Topics here.

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